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140823 BTS - Danger @ MBC Music Core
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오늘도 음중에 와주신 많은 아미 여러분들 감사합니다 응원은 뭐…. 두말하면 잔소리죠!!!! 한 마디만 하겠습니다. 대박!!!!!!!!!! 오늘은 데인저 무대를 했으니깐 셀카 표정도 데인저 하게!!! 이엽 http://t.co/3wCFZT0p9s

Thank you very much to all the many ARMYs that came for Music Core today too. The support was…. 2 words would be too much!!!! I’ll say it in one word. Daebak(jackpot)!!!!!!!!!! Since we performed Danger today, the selca expression shall also be dangerously!!! Yeeyab

Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans

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me as a cook

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1/ of chenxsehun, my rare otp

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Exo - 1st Look magazine 

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6/100 edits - queen B selca king (_)
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just like a lost puppy

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140822 BTS & Orange Caramel @ KBS Music Bank